On being a working archaeologist.

I’m currently working on an archaeological project close to home, which is simply lovely. This job is going to spoil me.

We are working in Woodford Co. Kentucky at the Woodford Reserve. The distillery is funding the project and we are investigating around the house built by the distiller’s founder. The house was built around 1812 and was lived in up until the 1990s. The building also has 5 separate additions and the bulk of the project area is in an abandoned kitchen/slave quarter which is directly next to one of the additions.

I didn’t take any pictures the first few days we were on the site because I wasn’t sure what the policy was, but since then I’ve photographed some of the neat things we’ve found and taken some pictures of the site and my unit.

Unit 11, after some excavation but still early days

The biggest root we had to battle, archaeologists tend to be tree killers

This walkway was a 20th century addition, but it was just below the surface and completely hidden from view, the trench in the center missed it entirely. In the foreground you can see a millstone which capped a 20th century drilled well.


We had some mechanical help with stripping off the topsoil in some areas, the backhoe also helped us remove the stone walkway and move the millstone so we could examine what was underneath.

Unit 11 after we reached subsoil. We are unsure of the function of the stone structure inside, but it was a later addition to the building.

Here you can see the profiles of Units 9, 10 and 11 and see clearly where large quantities of ash were deposited into the kitchen. The brown layers above the ash are later 19th century trash fill.


The site is dense with artifacts, and most the pictured Items came from a single level in Unit 11.


A sampling for the reserve staff who came to visit, all from zone II of Unit 11

Whiteware serving bowl

A pipe fragment and part of a metal busk – an important component of women’s corsets.


A sampling of the ceramics, these people were not poor.

Clockwise from the left, a hunk of chain, rim sherd from a large serving or food preparation bowl, spoon, buckles, broken doll.

Molded Glass, expensive and lovely.

Mochaware fragment, some of the white is a result of bad lighting on shiny glaze, but the swirls are lovely. This is on a whiteware base, rather than the more typical pearlware.

Molded glass salt shaker with a copper alloy top.

This spoon was probably silver plated, and we have found several in this general style.

This coin is very corroded but we were able to make out that it is an 1859 half dollar.

An intact pipe, this is a style similar to those made by the Shakers at Pleasant Hill, a nearby community.

We have found hundreds of marbles on the site, of all ages and materials.

This hook was found in an area where it is thought that they used for butchering their meat.


Stemware Goblet











Something From the Nightside, a review

Something From the Nightside

Simon R. Green


The first thing about this book is the writing.  Simon R. Green’s voice is more like freestyle poetry than prose. It swings and sucks you in with the rhythm of the words. I long to hear it read out loud. I’ve never read a book where I was sad a description of a person or place was over. That alone could carry the book.

That being said this book a good plot, a private eye, a mother searching for a lost daughter.  The plot is mostly there to carry the characters along and I’m not complaining.  I live for good characters, and the plot isn’t lost,  its just overshadowed by the brilliance of the people and setting.

As far as the ending,  I didn’t see it coming until the moment it happened and it tied up all the ends it needed to and left enough loose ends to make me wish I could go ahead and start the next book.

Why did I take this long to read this book? All I can say is that this is the first time I’ve come across the first in the series and I will be coming back for more.


Boredom and Poverty

For much of my life I have had things to do, I’ve been a student, I’ve worked, I’ve had hobbies and a social group. Of late I am not a student, I am marginally employed, and well my social life is lacking. Its funny how hard it is to meet people when even the gas to go out is dear, I’ve wanted to go to the local knitting group, but they meet at a restaurant and my poorness and shyness keep me from going.

The result is that I have nowhere to go and no money to do things. Unemployment is boring, even when you occasionally work. I’m employed at a temp agency which is really nice, but I worked 5 days in July, which is not enough. I’ve tried to fill my days with job applications but that really only takes about an hour or less every morning. I’ve cleaned, then given up for a while, but I’m taking up cleaning again. I spent some time weaving and have made some 18th century garters in a big man length and started a more delicate pair.


I’ve knit on socks for my boyfriend, and am halfway through the second one. Unfortunately our anniversary is today so they aren’t on time or anything. I’ve even tried out some wool carding and find that I need practice on that.

Last night I even washed the pans when I didn’t really need to do it just then, it was just something to pass the time.

I have applied for food stamps, and qualified. I think almost nothing in my life has ever made me feel more of a failure than filling out that application. I wasn’t going to, I’ve been avoiding thinking about it, but a friend on ravelry suggested that I would qualify and I finally did it. I just did the interview today so I’ve not gotten the card yet, but since applying I think I have realized how unhealthy my diet has been. The other day my entire dinner was rice fixed with herbs from the freezer. The only fresh vegetables I have are squash I got for free last time I was  home. I raided the tomato bin when a friend didn’t want to haul them home and last time my dad visited I made him buy me kale. I don’t miss meat, I miss variety and I miss fresh veggies. I miss basil, I miss mexican food, I miss having basic ingredients and I miss being able to make brownies just because I want them. Yeah I’m 26, childless and unmarried. Yes I have a master’s degree. That being said, I have been living off free squash, rice and potatoes and I didn’t know when the next gallon of milk was going to happen. Food insecurity isn’t just happening to other people, it was happening to me and I still feel guilty for trying to get out of this hole I’m in.

Easter and not being in my early 20s anymore

I feel like if you are 25 or under you are in your early 20s. I’m now 26 and well, it seems different. For one thing, I have new worries. For the first time in my life I am without insurance, and well, that’s stressing me out a bit. Every  sneeze reminds me that I can’t just go to the doctor if this turns into something bigger, and as its early April I sneeze a lot.

Also I’m not a big fan of birthdays, but Sunday was a good birthday. If nothing else I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do, and I got to start a new project. Also I cooked a nice meal and generally had a very relaxing day. All birthdays should feature mashed potatoes.

On to the new project…

I started Color Affection in Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool. I’m using cream, a deep red and a chocolate brown. I realize that this is the big knitting fad of late, but in knitting there is often a reason things are popular. I mean, look at the monkey socks. They are beloved because they are fun, well written and attractive.


Color Affection


In the meantime I am enjoying the crispy texture of the yarn and simple garter stitch.


Um, Yeah, I have not posted since Summer of 2011. That’s probably long enough to make  the internet forget I exist. Not that the internet ever realized I existed, much to my relief.

So how am I? I’m still a grad student, I now live in Kentucky, which is a bit of a change. And that’s pretty much all that is different.

I nearly forgot I had a blog. But I was just thinking of a list in my head and it occurred to me that I could blog it (also I procrastinate with social media.)


Things that are different about living alone

  • I am far less likely to change out of pajama pants. 
  • I take a long bath almost every day, partially out of boredom, partially because I’m allowed to read fun stuff in the tub and not think of thesis while I’m there.
  • I eat at odd times, and often its an odd meal. I had brunch today, it was a can of corn. I realize that is odd, but also delicious.
  • I clean more, not sure the root of this difference, I suspect procrastination plays a role.
  • I never close the bathroom door.

4th of July and TDF days 2-4

I’m mostly keeping up with TDF pretty well, on day 2 I filled a bobbin (I keep spelling that as boobin) and I started a new bobbin. However the light was bad so I did not keep up with photographs.

the 4th did not go to plan. I got up early in order to go to a job interview (on a holiday, and the call was on Sunday, strange) but before the interview they called and rescheduled because the pee test place was going to be closed. So I changed clothes and prepared for an idle day at home. Then I got a call to go sailing and I accepted that offer, requiring yet another outfit change and some running about to get ready as well. I took pictures this time around though.

We had very little wind and mostly just motored around, if I had brought my spindle I could have spun, maybe.

and we got to swim!

We also saw a large pod of porpises, but they were following another boat so we couldn’t swim with them.

After sailing we tried to grill but it rained, including raining out the fireworks over Colonial Williamsburg. So we cooked at my friend’s house and watched a movie. By the time I got home spinning wasn’t going to happen.

Today I managed to spin though, and the top layer on this bobbin is from today. I also managed to wash 4 loads of laundry at the laundrymat and walk to the drugstore and biglots today.

Umm yeah…

I am alive, and I knit, and lately I even spin.

I’ve been living as a pedestrian the last little bit, because my tire decided to do this…

Yeah, that was all tire, we didn’t hit anything. Anywhoo, it broke in Tennessee, getting fixed in Kentucky and I live in Virginia. Complicated.

I still don’t have a job, but I’m working on that.

I haven’t been working on most my knitting, because its hot, but I’m working on some boy socks for a 3rd anniversary present

They were longer, but then I realized I didn’t compensate for smaller needles and frogged back to add stitches in the foot circumference.

I’m also trying to finish this top/vest, with some alterations which I’m now reconsidering, basically its a mental battle between just ribbing in armholes (already done) or short sleeves. Laziness may prevail.

finally I am getting ready for the Tour De Fleece 2011 (July 2nd -24th)

I have some nice merino bamboo I want to spin up

And some very soft, but unpleasantly colored superwash merino (I think) which needs spun up and sold or overdyed.

The new place

I’m in the process of moving into a new apartment, and I have pictures of the place as it looks empty.

the living room and the stairs

Couple views of the kitchen

out the back door

My room

My roommate’s room

The bathroom

All the Things: Part 3, or the WIPs

I have quite a few projects in motion right now, these are just the ones who have seen some work lately, some get carried with me, some need to have instructions at all times and some need to not be seen by certain people.

A baby Olyphant, for a classmate who is expecting.

A blanket for me, with two more colors of wool to come.

A lace and garter mobius scarf for a friend

the knitted top which will be far too warm to be worn anytime soon

and finally a new spindle, a tiny turkish