new book and one and 1/4 of a sock

well the title says so much, I got the new Yarn Harlot book today. I love amazon. this weekend I made one of a pair of socks for cpt. boots, my future husband, after all boots need socks. the next sock has the barest beginning of a heel flap forming, so I should have a complete pair by wednesday.

I learned a lesson about love yesterday. the love of a small blond little boy, who, as we sat in church, held my ball of yarn. I knit and at first he would reel out more string for me, and then he would reel the extra back in as he would unroll about half the ball. as i progressed up the sock, using up more buttery soft wool. the boy became more inventive and decided that he would make the yarn look like spagetti, and he would “tie” it aroud various toys. somehow i felt that this whole experience was cute, and i was planning on getting him some of his own yarn and needles. does it make me less obsessed with knitting when i think the little varmit talgleing my yan is cute. or am i seeing a new knitter getting his first taste of wool-love. after all he’s three years old, that plenty old enough to learn how to knit.

no pics they won’t upload


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