another day

Monday May 22, 2006 I was trying to see if i could pick up a wireless signal at work, but I didn’t have such luck. There is a coffeeshop across the street with WiFi but down here in the basement you can barely pick up a cell phone signal. Today has been a really slow day at work, at least down here in the children’s department. I knitted up some of this which i spun yesterday.
It was surprisingly difficult to work as I have too much twist in many places and not enough in others, I made a circular swatch, which might become a felted wrist warmer, and a seed stitch swatch worked flat.

That’s all i really have to say. I’ll type more later, maybe.

wednesday, may 31, 2006

long time no post. here’s what i have been playing with

booties for a baby boy, due in september. also i made a hat. the yarn is from cavyshops on it’s hand dyed and hand spun. yummy


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