Links knitting, and stash containment

Ladies and Gents,

If you take a moment to check out my side bar you will see some links, please check them out. I promise not to post a link of a book i have not read (or intently coveted) and If i thought it was a peice of crap I won’t link to it either. Every one in a while I will add more and review them to boot. So keep looking and tell me what you think of any books i may not have up there. (This is where you leave a lovely comment) I haven’t had a comment in a while.

Remember the lace I spent a few days working so hard on? yeah i had to take it off the needles, i had done wrong row and that increased it too much, way too much. and that yarn although it’s really pretty does not like to either tink back or frog. sigh, this is what it looked like right before the first row i messed up. i like the pattern, but i think i need to do it all in a smooth laceweight. any suggestions?

so to appease the knitting itch i made some potholders, the light was awful, but i made the cream one a few days ago and it really was too small. the brown one was a fluffy brioche stitch from BW’s 2nd book of knitting patterns (see my sidebar for a link) this is such a great book, i wish i owned them all. this one belongs to my library so i think i’ll try to get the others on ILL.
and finally i got one of those 6 shelf hanging organizers. isn’t it cool. now i can lay in bed and stare at my yarn.


4 thoughts on “Links knitting, and stash containment

  1. No! No comments for you lady. hehe, j/k. I don’t have any book suggestions for you offhand. I’ll have to think on it. The stash container is cool. I’d get something like that but I’ve drilled enough holes in the walls here and when we move we get charged for every. single. hole. Keep up the blogging!

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