A Hat For ETSY

A Hat For ETSY
You may be aware that I love the website etsy I think it is better than ebay for many things and I love to just browse around. So a few weeks ago I decided that I would get an etsy store and get rid of some homespun yarn of decent quality that even I would probably not use, as I get my kicks out of spinning the stuff more than knitting up those particular colors.
Enter my newest WIP, I know, it’s a tube, but this tube will become a hat, a hat in a child’s size, due to a swatching accident (or lack of swatching, I hate to waste yarn) this is a very feminine yarn (even though I have been unable to capture the color properly. And I will continue to be unable to get the picture right until it stops raining! Le sigh. But anyway the only child I have to knit for is a boy, and I don’t really want to frog the hat so I think I will add this to my etsy store so that someone will be able to love and wear this hat. I’ll make the next one bigger. the yarn I am using is my own handspun, it’s a Merino/Alpaca/silk from spinning bunny


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