Yarn p0rn friday the 1st

So I ‘ve joined the Yarn p0rn friday webring, and in honor of that I got the downstairs mediator (fancy name for an RA) to help me take some p0rny photos in the bush outside.

I started another hat, hopefully in my size this time around.
And I did a couple more repeats on my kimono sweater’s collar band. three inches down, nearly 16 to go.

And some baby yarn still on the bobbin
the color is wrong on this one, but i wanted to show off how even it is

As always when it comes to crown mountain farms pencil roving, I ask. to ply or not to ply? ah well I have to fill this bobbin and another one before i really decide. maybe I’ll have a poll on knitty.

the last couple of days have been really stressful, my dad is in the hospital, but he’s gonna be coming home now. he got sent in for chest pains, but they say it wasn’t a heart attack so that is good. right now he’s just grouchy and hating the hospital. as per the norm. I had a test today and i hope i did well but i’m not sure weather i did or not. next week my school schedule will go as follows.

M: class as usual
T: assignment due, test, and a quiz
W: class as usual
R: test and quiz
F: test

also i will have normal chapter readings and such, but this is just the extra stuff. no wonder i have the munchies. sometimes I’m a stress eater, sometimes i can’t even think about food. no matter what knitting calms me down. I think this weekend i’ll need dpns, spinning, and food.


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