Yarn p0rn friday the 3rd

Three fridays, one camera, and a whole lotta fiber.remember that roving on the first YPF? this is how it’s spinning up. I am making it a three ply and I will definately be making more three plys in the future. I love the color, I haven’t decided what this will be, but lacy arm warmers is the main thing that i am considering.gratuous close upThis is the evenest, best balances, finest singles I have spun up, I had a little overtwist in the last bobbin, but that seems to mostly dissapear into the plys. I also set the twist and i have yet to get my yardage. I also need to determine what WPI it is.

I’m heading home for the weekend so I may not be online much until sunday night. It flooded last weekend and there is no running water at home and i think the internet may not be operating either.


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