nothing to blog

Well I re-did my template, and i knitted like an inch on my sweater sleeve. got new shoes. essentially i did stuff, but nothing blog worthy. I haven’t felt any better today, and I wonder if I will ever get over this crap. I had to call in sick to work again. I have a statistics quiz and I have been so out of it the last few classes I’m afraid I won’t do well. so I ramble on and waste your precious knitting time.

I think I’ll add wedding updates instead of knitting in times like these. when i went home this weekend I brought back my dress form. and today at the store i got white muslin and twill tape so I can start to make the underskirt for my dress. I need to go to JoAnn Fabrics, because the color ribbon I want is there, and since the JoAnn’s at home is closed 😦 I have to make justin take me to the one in florence. I also need to figure out what patterns I want for my bride’s maids. I told them they could pick out a pattern, but they are taking too long so I will just do it. so much to be done and the clock is ticking awfully fast.


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