time keeps on rolling in

Thank you all for your patience with all the non-knitting stuff going on. I have been knitting on both my sleeve and on the sock. with my sleeve I only knitted about and inch because I have made the sock my complete home knitting. I will show the sock first, it is prettier.I love how golden the color is in the sunlight,
it has such depth and it goes from green to gold as I work the stitches.
In this picture you can just barely see the cables,
which is an effect I rather like.
Understated I guess.

It is ribbed but you can’t see the purls unless it is stretched, I just hope it fits (if it doesn’t then I can keep them πŸ™‚

the sleeve in the sunlight.
see that tiny pin up near the needle.
that marks how much i knitted today.
probably about an inch.

please ignore the freakish whiteness of my rather hairy legs,
i threaded the ribbon through the lace garter i made while my pictures loaded yesterday.

today marks the 7 month mark from the wedding. I have begun to set back money for fabric and shoes, I also need to pin down my bridesmaids into getting what they need ASAP as my grandmother is making the bridesmaid dresses and i want her to have plenty of time.

on the spinning front I have not done any spinning, but i did order some silk caps and they will be photographed to their best potential as soon as they arrive. I also ordered some bamboo circs, and some much needed computer things, such as an optical mouse and a new power cord. currently my computer goes to battery power every time the cord moves, no matter how i tape and tie it into place. I will have to be more careful of the next one. also optical mice only last about a year, then they suddenly don’t register in the USB ports or don’t turn on at all. sigh.

well i need to finish my homework and go to the Wall of Mart. later taters


5 thoughts on “time keeps on rolling in

  1. my legs is white and hairy too πŸ˜‰

    how’d you make the garter?? maybe i shall make mine too! (cuz i need more things to do *rolls eyes*)

    11 months til mine!

  2. Oh Tiffy. I just drooled all over the computer while looking at all the knitting. And the beauty that is to be your wedding dress! Hope you’re doing well. ❀ Sara

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