I seamed my KP kimono sweater last night, and it is certainly cold enough to wear it today. I swear the weather here is like a YoYo, it goes up, it goes down. today it is cold and the sky is a solid unrelenting grey, the wind is sharp and it is damp. i heard thunder too, so we will have rain in a very short time.

Pattern: Kimono Sweater from Knit Picks
Yarn: Peruvian Collection Quecha in colonial blue
Changes: I had a “design change in the waist cableing, but it looks about the same. also i lengthened the sleeves for my gorilla arms.
Comments: a bit short on the waist, and I think my next sweater will not require so much seaming. I am not too fond of my finishing skills. also the yarn is kinda hairy and had some itch potential. I am wearing a button up collared shirt under it right now and i think that will be how i wear it most the time.

(look at the sweater, not my saggy A$$ jeans)

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