New day, new book, old knitting

It is a lovely day outside, cold, but sunshiny. The perfect kind of day to sit by a window with the sun coming in. I took the opportunity to take full moth shawl, it won’t spread out very well, but I am in the second chart.
a close up of the second lace pattern, doesn’t look like much unblocked. I am really relying on the magic of blocking.this is my new book. It seemed like a good book to add to my collection of “i might want to make my own pattern somday” books. I think I may do some mittens but I am not so sure about the sweaters. I like somthings pretty fitted.

Today was my first day of classes and so far I think it will be a good semester. My french teacher talks fast in english, so I am a little concerned about trouble there. My anthropology teacher speaks quietly and does not use visual aids or write on the board, so that worries me too. but I am a front row kinda gal and these are probably my 2 hardest classes.


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