Spinning with string

I am by no means an expert spinner; I am still trying to fix some of those little things that make my yarns imperfect. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

  1. Dude, relax. This is not a battle, don’t fight the machine, work with the pull, give it a steady amount of yarn.
  2. PREDRAFT!!!!!!!!! This is essential, even if you only do this a tiny bit, it just makes things so much easier. I used to predraft so much that I barely had to draft at all when I was spinning. Now I don’t do it so much, but I still prep the fiber no matter what.
  3. Back off. Back off. Back off. Do not sit with your hands two inches away from the orifice, I like to be between eight inches to a foot away.
  4. Sit up straight, no need to lean over. It hurts your back and if you can’t see your hands put your glasses back on.
  5. Keep your wheel oiled, it’s quieter and it works better that way.

I can’t think of much else. Hope that helps someone out there.


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