picture of interest

My picture of me a post has gotten boring, Same hair, same place, same expression at arm’s length. So I decided that I can do a lot better with my photography skills, or i can at least try and improve them. My Picture of me a day is now changing to simply a picture of interest, I may re-use old pictures, especially when the light or weather are not cooperating. I really enjoy photography and I have a goal to get better at it, maybe in time I could get good enough to merit a lovely new professional SLR camera.

What do you look for in a picture? subject, color, light, focus? I would really like some input on this. What are your tricks for lighting and such? What in a photo would make you return to a blog again and again?teeth of the skull i study in physical anthropology, indicating, a relatively young person, gracile with a soft angle on the jaw, probably female.
taken 3.14.07 by yours truly

One thought on “picture of interest

  1. Very cool photo.

    I like interesting shots that appealed to the photographer that took them.

    I like the idea of a portrait a day! check out Minty’s blog (pepperknit) she;’s doing a similat thing.

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