I am sitting here all pale and ooky looking, wearing a t shirt i have had since elementary school, and have since tea dyed into a extremely unflattering color. I haven’t been feeling well all day, the medication I am on has been affecting my appetite and my stomach. Everything I put in it wants to return right back (ew I know) Even clear pop, rice chex (plain) cheese its (about 3) and my rather awful cafeteria lunch have attempted to reappear, none have succeeded, but i am so hungry and I can’t seem to eat! it’s quite frustrating. Though I have gotten a big bit of knitting done, done homework, watched Rosencranz and Guildenstern are dead and all sorts of stuff like that. BTW, great movie, and Gary Oldman used to be cute. other than that i went to work, went to class and hated the frigid weather we are having, I mean seriously – 35F in April??? This stinks.

6/28/o6 this is dedicated to a friend of mine,
who happens to hate these little critters,
in spite of going by their name. Life is ironic isn’t it?

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