in need of prayer

I just got the news that my Dad’s best friend, my foster father, my sister’s father-in-law, and my nephew’s papaw has melanoma in his lymph nodes. I don’t have details. He has 5 kids ranging from the age of 36 to 6, and 3 grandkids and another on the way.
A direct decendent of Devil Anse Hatfield, Griz has been a friend of my family for 25 years. He also suffers from congenital heart failure and has had 7 heart attacks. He is a veteran, who has served in our country and jumped from perfectly good airplanes. Also he is a 3rd generation historical reenactor.
This is the same disease that killed his father and Griz has always said that he will not take the treatments, perhaps now his opinion will change, but for now he needs prayer for healing, wisdom to make the right decisions, his family also needs prayer.

Wolfpen Woods Pioneer Village
Boyd County Kentucky
Sept. 2005


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