post-surgery update

Adventures galore. Extra Extra read all about it.

So I got to the hospital right on time at 9:30AM yesterday, and I barely had to wait at all, then I spent over an hour lying there while they got me all ready to go. Mom and Pastor Brad were there in the waiting room. Surgery went well, and I woke up at 1:30 or 2 ish. when I woke up I was really thirsty and in quite a bit of pain. Eventually they took me upstairs to a room and I got my mom back. between the pain and the anesthesia wearing off i was in pretty rough shape.

I got some ice water from the nurse upstairs, but It was about a half an hour before I got anything for the pain, which sucked. After a while I felt well enough to go home, and when we asked the nurse she told me that I had to be able to walk to the bathroom and pee before I could leave. I tried and I tried and I tried. Finally at 10 PM my bladder muscles recovered from anesthesia enough that I could pee, happily this was just before they were getting ready to contact the doctor and see if i needed a catheter. I got home at about 11:00 and here I am.

Today I am still in pain, but that’s normal, I’m supposed to walk around today to get rid of the inert gasses they filled me with to give them room to work (that’s what hurts mostly) I also am able to go to a normal diet, though low-fat would be good, just so long as i don’t over do it. I’m not allowed to shower until wednesday night or thursday morning, whichever is 48 hours.

Well that’s the news, I’m doing well and I have my phone handy if anybody wants to call and relieve my boredom


2 thoughts on “post-surgery update

  1. yay you! Happy it went well. Try and knit some to cheer you up. Will past this post on to my Matthew so he sees how easy it is. His is most likely next Tuesday, so remember him in your prayers!

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