I am obsessed with this hat. I wear it all the time, and I’ve had at least 3 people ask how much it would cost for me to make them a hat like this. One of whom i made one for, in blue and with no tassel. That was a gift because she is very far from home this summer and I want her to get a package in the mail. Now all I gotta do is get it to the Post Office.
In the never ending boredom of recovery, which is progressing quite well, I had an idea. Terrifying isn’t it? My Idea was to get my shop back on it’s feet by making more of these hats and to do it from my own handspun, AND I want to support some of the other small businesses in the blogging and knitty community by using their hand painted wools. Through this I’d be willing to do special orders, experiment with different fibers ( I needed an excuse to try spinning non-wools) and to really have fun with these quick hats that I enjoy making.


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