Busy Weekend

My weekend was extra busy, I went home and on the way mom and I stopped by the Kentucky wool festival. word of advice, never ever go to a wool fest with no money. The wool fumes seemed to get to my mom and she bought me a Christmas prezzie. There were sheepies, goats, alpacas, cows, bunnies, birds, and even a 937lb pig.mom liked the cows and goats bestalpacasmohair goats smell Really badme with my prezzie, even though I can’t offically have it (or play with it) yet

When I got home I had about 5 minutes to hug my dad and grab my stuff to go Camping at my friend’s house. There is nothing better than being outside on a beautiful night, sleeping (eventually) under the stars and staying up until 6AM talking and stargazing with some of the people you love most in the world. Not everybody managed to stay the whole night, but we had an awesome time.where we slept
le surviors

Saturday after I got home Mom and I went to fetch My sister and her kids, we had a picnic lunch with my BIL at the caves, then we ran around and stopped at yard sales and stuff before going to a birthday party, note, 2 hours of sleep and almost no nappage.

After a full 10 hours of sleep saturday night we went to church and my dear friend Brian came to visit, he even kilted it for the occasion. I didn’t get back on campus until pretty late so I did a bit of homework and crashed.


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