Greta Fingerless Mitts

One skein fingering weight yarn, I used 15 wpi handspun, and used about 100 yards, give or take a few.
Size 5 needles, or whatever needed to get gauge.
Gauge: 5.5 per inch, but that’s not hugely important.

K= knit
P = purl
Ktbl = knit 1 through the back loop
Kfb = knit front and back in one stitch
BO = bind off

  1. Cast on 36 stitches, using the non tight cast on of your choice.Knit 2 inches of twisted rib (ktbl, p1)
  2. Knit 4 rows
  3. kfb at the beginning of every other row, and in the last stitch. Knit the odd rows plain. Continue until there are 52 stitches.
  4. K47, BO 10.
  5. Knit flat for 4 rows, ending on a purl row
  6. Begin knitting in the round again on the 5
  7. Knit for 1.5 inches
  8. P 1 row
  9. K 1 row
  10. BO all stitches
  11. Weave in all the ends
  12. Run around showing everyone your nifty mitt
  13. Do it all again
Thumb increase detail

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