I love picking up the mail after a week away, there are always goodies. First I opened up an envelope from artsygal my favorite indy dyer of all time and good friend. she is made of awesome and has amazing color sense. This is one of those unnamed colorways in the colonial nylon, which so far is snuggly and sturdy seeming. although not as supremely squooshy and the SW merino I love so much. I see this as being a greeny-blue and gray, but Artsy swears its green and gray. I think she’s going blind.I can wind and cast on like I’d love to because I got more lovely squooshy merino for kilt hose, this time in an amazing blue.
and to help me not get bored of cables I got this beauty, I haven’t done more than look through and drool but I am loving this book so far.


2 thoughts on “Jackpot!

  1. You better hope I’m not going blind.. It’s gonna be awfully difficult to mix dyes by touch! 😉 I still maintain that it’s green/grey.. though your photo makes it look very teal-ish. Remind me once I’m moved and I’ll see if I can find my sample of it to take a pic and we can look at both photos of it side by side!

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