5 days and no misses

I’m officially sick of hearing about the election. Both sides annoy me. I’ll show enthusiasm or doubt when the electee of yesterday is actually in office. For now my glove has all but a pinky, I’m spinning something new and I’m swatching for a friend’s secret pattern. I was planning on taking pictures for today’s post, but I have 3.5 pages left on my paper to do.

I’m going to start something to do in the comments: every day I’m going to ask a question or give a topic to state one’s opinion on.
Today’s theme is perfume, I wanna start smelling like a grown up lady and I don’t know how to choose perfume without spending a lot of money on trial and error, I also hate most store perfumes. How do you shop for perfume online? How do you guess what might work on you?


One thought on “5 days and no misses

  1. I use to get little sample bottles (viles) in my Christmas stocking. My husband was never sure what scent I would like, so he’d ask the ladies at the various counters if he could have samples and I’d get to find my favourite amongst the many. A very inexpensive way to “smell good” and maybe happen upon a couple you really like.

    Buying perfume online…now that could be tricky 😉

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