A new beginning and an ending

I just grafted the pair of kilt hose which I have been making for what seems like forever. They need a good blocking but otherwise they are complete. Thus ending any guilt knitting for a while, I can knit what I want when I want and not worry about neglecting the commission.

Yesterday I couldn’t bear anything but the truly simple, so what did I do? I swatched some Cascade 220 to test which size needles I will need to purchase to make my sweater. I got an even 5 sts per inch on size 4 needles. Yes I am that loose of a knitter. This is the closest picture I could get in the dark to capture the color, its not a shiny yarn so the color is right but imagine it as a more matte tone.
While I was knitting a swatch the boy took a picture of my hands while I worked. My first thought was how skelatal my hands look while I knit, all the bones seem to stand out, but at the same time my hands look strong. Its been so long since I felt truly strong so this picture makes me smile and remember that being able to lift heavy things isn’t everything in life.


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