It seems like a good day to go over my immediate future in some detail. The next year is going to be pretty insane.

For the rest of this semester:
Finishing my graduation paperwork, probably over the next week and get that turned in.
Pass all my classes brilliantly, I am doing very well so far and I would really love another 4.0.
Capstone: finish combing the wool and spin the worsted warp. Make a big-ass poster for celebrations in April and just make Dr. V. happy in general.

Work: I have a goal of finishing a pound a week. We will see how that one goes.
Capstone: Spin the woolen weft and weave the textile. Do research and have a paper ready for a conference when I get back to school.
School: GRE practice, I would like to be able to take the GRE as early as September. That way I have time to rustle up more $$ and take it again if I need to. Possible late-summer course.
Personal: I’ll be spending time at the boy’s I’m sure, and covering my job from last summer on some Saturdays. Otherwise I’d like to do a major book purge and have the ones I’m keeping in tupperware containers and have a spreadsheet made so I can find them.

Fall Semester:
Capstone: Write the paper, do research and present whenever possible. Also, build a small display for the museum of anthropology.
School: take the GRE, pass all classes brilliantly. Pass the 480 test as soon as I possibly can, I have to get 100% to graduate, but I can take is as many times as I need to do so.
Personal: I have learned not to plan my personal life this far. I think things will be much as they are now, which I am happy with.


One thought on “Plans

  1. Making lists always seems to help a little — and yours sounds so interesting! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog about Maplewing; Anne did such a fabulous job with that pattern, it was a blast to knit 🙂

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