This lovely made by the fantastic Jesh arrived in the mail today as the result of a swap. Its totally different than anything else in my collection and I love that. The photograph I took does not do it justice, even when I make the colors more true I can’t capture the luminosity and richness of this whorl.

 I want to have a faboulous collection of spindles. I think if one could collect anything spindles are small, useful, beautiful and relatively inexpensive. I hate lugging useless items around from place to place and I love how beauty and practicality can be combined, making art out of life. This is my fourth spindle and I love every one. They have a different use and meaning than my wheel lately, the wheel has come to be a symbol of projects and work to be done, the spindles are simply to make yarn and to keep my hands forever moving.
On another note: my dad met the new pastor and he feels she will be well suited for our church. I’ve never had a lady pastor before, it should be interesting. We will see in May how it all pans out.

One thought on “Spindle

  1. That spindle is beauty! I’m just learning how to spin and bought my first good one, a midweight by Bosworth.

    Congratulations on your scholarship!

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