Moving towards the end

The last few weeks have been very busy and so will the next few.  In 18 days I graduate and it has hit me over the break just how close all of this is. In the next three weeks I need to not only wrap up a semester’s worth of classes, but the last 4.5 years of college. Tuesday I will be presenting a capstone project that has consumed much of the last year, and then I need to start working on Graduate school applications in earnest. I also need to pack up and move home, settle into living there for the longest period of time I have been home since I graduated high school in 2005. I need to find a job and begin hoarding money to prepare for moving away in the fall as well.

Most the truly important adjustments I need to make are in my own mind. I feel a little disconnected from many aspects of my life, because I don’t know what will end up getting left behind. I am reinventing myself, but not losing myself.

So how am I dealing with the stress you ask?

The second sleeve is in the ribbing and I will have the body back on the needles by bedtime tonight.


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