Sewing fails and wins

I have been on a sewing binge.

First came the dress from burdastyle. I cannot make it fit my bust, or lack therof and it will become a hanging out at home dress at best.

Then there was a spring ruffle top

and a sort of bastard child of the two, but sadly it chokes me badly.

and then back to ruffle tops, this one was victim to me forgetting just how unflattering satin really is.

then I made one with my favorite fabric, but it is too tight over the breasts and in the armpits. I plan on adding gussets to make this wearable, I will force it if needed.

you can see sorta how tight it is here

I’m still addicted to these tops but I also got some new patterns and fabrics today to play even more.


One thought on “Sewing fails and wins

  1. You are so freaking adorable. I love the green ruffle shirt, and I really hope the last one can be made comfortable, because that fabric is awesome.

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