Bad Blogger, no cookie…

oh wait, I do have cookies. I guess I better blog then.

Life went from uneventful to busy pretty quickly around here. In fact “here” changed. On Tuesday my mom, my boyfriend and I set out in my car and her van to move all my stuff from Grayson Kentucky to Williamsburg VA.

We made it here around 8 only to discover no one to meet us at my new place, therefore no place to get in. I called the landlady, who was at work and we went to eat a late dinner and wait for her to return home.

On Wednesday morning we began to unload mom’s van but decided to finish later, hoping the air would be less suffocating. The heat and humidity this week have been some of the hardest things to deal with this week. Instead of going up and down stairs we went and found the DMV and a bank and Walmart. Important things. Even if I do get confused way too easily when mom is driving.

Thursday morning we were back at the DMV, this time with everything we needed. After that and a visit to campus so the boy would get to see it. Then mom and and the boy headed off for the long drive home. Since they left I have managed to get my old plates off my car and new ones on (harder than it sounds) get myself to school and back for a meeting, got my student ID (had to fight crowds of freshmen to do it.) I have met my fellow first years and I think I have at least the beginnings of friendships with two of them. One is a newish knitter and the other had long yarn dreads.

Once I have my room a little neater I will take pictures and show it off here on the blog.


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