What have I been doing?

Not Blogging obviously.

I told myself that I would start blogging more when I moved and I suppose that has happened to some degree, but no much.

Classes have been meeting and they are good, if more challenging than my undergraduate work, which is as I expected. I am very impressed with the few undergraduates I do have contact with here at William and Mary and I fully admit they will be more prepared for graduate school or work than me.

Other than classes I am really happy with the experiences with my fellow graduate students. I have friends here, already. We have happy hour on Thursdays and I think last nights game night will become a frequent event.

On the cooking front I’m not doing overly much, mostly fresh veggies and chicken from the freezer. I need to cook up a bunch of asparagus today. I did manage to produce an excellent batch of biscuits and some  cupcakes as well.

On the knitting front I’m still working on the tunic design, and enjoying the stripes as they really do improve the otherwise miles of stst. If this ends up fitting well I might do a version that features something other than horizontal stripes, but that is for a later date of course.

I’m not much further than this but I am learning more and more about how to neatly join the yarns, not jogless, but hopefully not messy either.

Well I suppose I’d better go read my book and stop procrastinating.


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