I neglect

Its a new year, and I started with no real ideas on what I wanted to do better at this year. However, I have found some ideas on the way.

  1. Procrastinate less, focus more. This goes for every aspect of my life.
  2. Get back my spinning mojo
  3. photograph things!!!!
  4. cook more, save money
  5. read more for fun. find the time. Take long baths if needed.
just a few ideas I’ve gotten.
So what did I do over my break? Well here is a taste for the most interesting thing I did… Until december the 28th I had never seen the ocean except from the air. I finally got to go to a beach, even if it was a cold one.
I’ve done a lot of  knitting, but photographed little and finished less. This cabled cowl came from some yummy vacation yarn and was just improvised as I went. my eyes are closed because I’m facing the sun. The colors are spot on so I am using the picture anyway

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