Jelly Fish

Today was the first day of classes for Spring semester, one class only, but I had other things to take care of so it was an early day and kinda long.

After class I met up with the parents who are in town, and went to a big wholesale outletty place. After which I got groceries and headed home to start dinner.

Dinner was nearly done when the outlet that the microwave and fridge (and electric skillet) went out. Even though the same items that I use all the time were being used, no more than normal it made the switch flip and apparently according to my landlord (who was irritated with me and pointedly making it MY fault) I have to unplug everything and just wait for it to switch back (WTF? right?) anyway, I was able to eat my dinner and hopefully the refrigerator will have power sometime soon. I hate this place and I’m ready to move


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