Umm yeah…

I am alive, and I knit, and lately I even spin.

I’ve been living as a pedestrian the last little bit, because my tire decided to do this…

Yeah, that was all tire, we didn’t hit anything. Anywhoo, it broke in Tennessee, getting fixed in Kentucky and I live in Virginia. Complicated.

I still don’t have a job, but I’m working on that.

I haven’t been working on most my knitting, because its hot, but I’m working on some boy socks for a 3rd anniversary present

They were longer, but then I realized I didn’t compensate for smaller needles and frogged back to add stitches in the foot circumference.

I’m also trying to finish this top/vest, with some alterations which I’m now reconsidering, basically its a mental battle between just ribbing in armholes (already done) or short sleeves. Laziness may prevail.

finally I am getting ready for the Tour De Fleece 2011 (July 2nd -24th)

I have some nice merino bamboo I want to spin up

And some very soft, but unpleasantly colored superwash merino (I think) which needs spun up and sold or overdyed.


One thought on “Umm yeah…

  1. Sorry about your car, hope the situation has gotten fixed somehow that works for you. Great yarn! Popped over here from regretsy, I saw your comment in the flounce album, I left an addition there I think you might like, regarding Nascar…

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