4th of July and TDF days 2-4

I’m mostly keeping up with TDF pretty well, on day 2 I filled a bobbin (I keep spelling that as boobin) and I started a new bobbin. However the light was bad so I did not keep up with photographs.

the 4th did not go to plan. I got up early in order to go to a job interview (on a holiday, and the call was on Sunday, strange) but before the interview they called and rescheduled because the pee test place was going to be closed. So I changed clothes and prepared for an idle day at home. Then I got a call to go sailing and I accepted that offer, requiring yet another outfit change and some running about to get ready as well. I took pictures this time around though.

We had very little wind and mostly just motored around, if I had brought my spindle I could have spun, maybe.

and we got to swim!

We also saw a large pod of porpises, but they were following another boat so we couldn’t swim with them.

After sailing we tried to grill but it rained, including raining out the fireworks over Colonial Williamsburg. So we cooked at my friend’s house and watched a movie. By the time I got home spinning wasn’t going to happen.

Today I managed to spin though, and the top layer on this bobbin is from today. I also managed to wash 4 loads of laundry at the laundrymat and walk to the drugstore and biglots today.

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