Um, Yeah, I have not posted since Summer of 2011. That’s probably long enough to make  the internet forget I exist. Not that the internet ever realized I existed, much to my relief.

So how am I? I’m still a grad student, I now live in Kentucky, which is a bit of a change. And that’s pretty much all that is different.

I nearly forgot I had a blog. But I was just thinking of a list in my head and it occurred to me that I could blog it (also I procrastinate with social media.)


Things that are different about living alone

  • I am far less likely to change out of pajama pants. 
  • I take a long bath almost every day, partially out of boredom, partially because I’m allowed to read fun stuff in the tub and not think of thesis while I’m there.
  • I eat at odd times, and often its an odd meal. I had brunch today, it was a can of corn. I realize that is odd, but also delicious.
  • I clean more, not sure the root of this difference, I suspect procrastination plays a role.
  • I never close the bathroom door.

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