Easter and not being in my early 20s anymore

I feel like if you are 25 or under you are in your early 20s. I’m now 26 and well, it seems different. For one thing, I have new worries. For the first time in my life I am without insurance, and well, that’s stressing me out a bit. Every  sneeze reminds me that I can’t just go to the doctor if this turns into something bigger, and as its early April I sneeze a lot.

Also I’m not a big fan of birthdays, but Sunday was a good birthday. If nothing else I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do, and I got to start a new project. Also I cooked a nice meal and generally had a very relaxing day. All birthdays should feature mashed potatoes.

On to the new project…

I started Color Affection in Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool. I’m using cream, a deep red and a chocolate brown. I realize that this is the big knitting fad of late, but in knitting there is often a reason things are popular. I mean, look at the monkey socks. They are beloved because they are fun, well written and attractive.


Color Affection


In the meantime I am enjoying the crispy texture of the yarn and simple garter stitch.

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