First Bobbin Lace

Which also seems to be my last sucessful lace. Once I got past this simple pattern I have been practicing more and not having as easy a go at it. I’m enjoying it though and I can’t wait to pick up my new book from the post office tomorrow.

Other than that today it snowed so I spun up a whole bobbin of CMF singles and I finally got around to taking a picture of buttony. As bad as the photo is, its the best I got.



These days my family and I are always on the run. It seems like if we aren’t gone for a weekend that’s because just got home just in time for the weekend to begin. After a while I begin to be irritable and to struggle with the lack of structure and routine.

The biggest adventure of late was 7 days in Williamsburg, VA enjoying learning about the many things offered in Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg itself. I did take a lot of pictures there, but since we came home I have been so busy I have forgotten to blog. here is a link to all the  pictures I have uploaded.

Here we all are dressed up to eat dinner at Shield’s Tavern.

While in Williamsburg a new crafting and historic curiosity arose, I really am not entirely sure where. Something somewhere reminded me of records of bobbin lace being made and somehow it caught my fancy. I asked around and no one in the millinery shop had any idea how it was done, but they were able to show me some examples that they had in their miniature display.

on arriving home I almost immediatly began hunting for webpages, books, kits and materials. Today my first kit and beginner book are waiting for me at the post office and I am going to get dressed and go get it as soon as this blog post is published.