I go to the hardware store

to buy a pair of pliers and I come home with this (and pliers)

Its a gardenia, which is my all time favorite flower.

First I put gravely sand from the woods next to the driveway into the bottom of the pot.

Then some potting soil to raise up the plant

Then I put the plant in

Then finally I fill it up with soil and bring it in, where I really don’t have a spot for it.

Flowers!!!!!!! but no knitting

I shall distract you from the non knitting behavior with this actually I did knit quite a lot today, i even finished a sock, a very small sock, a very unintentially small sock. It got frogged immedeately and I will now refer to it as “the prototype” soon a new and improved (larger) sock will be on the needles, but not today i think.