Umm yeah…

I am alive, and I knit, and lately I even spin.

I’ve been living as a pedestrian the last little bit, because my tire decided to do this…

Yeah, that was all tire, we didn’t hit anything. Anywhoo, it broke in Tennessee, getting fixed in Kentucky and I live in Virginia. Complicated.

I still don’t have a job, but I’m working on that.

I haven’t been working on most my knitting, because its hot, but I’m working on some boy socks for a 3rd anniversary present

They were longer, but then I realized I didn’t compensate for smaller needles and frogged back to add stitches in the foot¬†circumference.

I’m also trying to finish this top/vest, with some alterations which I’m now reconsidering, basically its a mental battle between just ribbing in armholes (already done) or short sleeves. Laziness may prevail.

finally I am getting ready for the Tour De Fleece 2011 (July 2nd -24th)

I have some nice merino bamboo I want to spin up

And some very soft, but unpleasantly colored superwash merino (I think) which needs spun up and sold or overdyed.

All the Things: Part 3, or the WIPs

I have quite a few projects in motion right now, these are just the ones who have seen some work lately, some get carried with me, some need to have instructions at all times and some need to not be seen by certain people.

A baby Olyphant, for a classmate who is expecting.

A blanket for me, with two more colors of wool to come.

A lace and garter mobius scarf for a friend

the knitted top which will be far too warm to be worn anytime soon

and finally a new spindle, a tiny turkish

All the Things: Part 2, or a finished object

I actually finished a project! I finished this shawl out of Zauerball Crazy just in time for the weather to get far too hot for a shawl or scarf, or pretty much anything woolly. In fact it has been in the 80’s for most of the last couple weeks.

This is the shawl unblocked


and the Final product


border, 100% improvised.

overall quite lovely

All the things part 1: or Happy Easter and change

I’ve been busy, too busy to blog, or at least procrastinating in other ways.

First: Happy Easter! I’m currently full of pork, potatoes, cabbage corn and a nice salad. Also Candy.

I have a new hair color as of yesterday. It was time to cover up the faded pastels from my binge of many colors over the month of march or so. This is my hair on my Birthday, but the blues had greatly faded since then.

I covered it up with a nice bright red

and with this I conclude part 1

Going well, and then a knitting fail on a humorously large level

Well first I had a birthday (okay this isn’t in chronological order, just order of how I wanna put it)

I also have been learning to make stitch markers, which is only tricky when you don’t superglue your fingers

and finally I screwed up a moibus

First I cast on (without counting) until the needle was full. That worked except that I cast on about 2000 too many (really) I counted yesterday and gave up at 1000 less than halfway there. Then I did math that told me I needed about 400.

see how the stitches are packed on? it was CRAZY! When I pulled it off the needles it was about 3/4 of an inch wide and went around my neck at least 5 times for this picture.

I started again in some nice green yarn.

New Stuff

While my boy was visiting we went to the yarn store…

I got myself this lovely lace, which of course got cast on into a shawl.

He got me this, which I knit into a cushion in less than 24 hours. Its small, but I keep it on my desk to lean on.

Actually knitting!


have been working mostly on two projects.

One, a Deep v-necked tee of my own design just got past endless stst into an interesting section. The tee is in handspun BFL and will probably be worn as a vest as well.

Also, I cast on a Moebius cowl in the chroma worsted I showed you in the last post

Yarn Haul

I got a big ol’ haul in from Knitpicks yesterday. I figured I’d get enough sock yarn to keep me knitting for the semester, along with a few things I’ve been needing.

Stroll in Cartoon



Tree House


Imagination in Emerald Forest

Chroma Worsted in Roller Skate

And Chroma Fingering in Midwinter

I also got a 60″ cable for my options, a sweater stone and a chart keeper.

I neglect

Its a new year, and I started with no real ideas on what I wanted to do better at this year. However, I have found some ideas on the way.

  1. Procrastinate less, focus more. This goes for every aspect of my life.
  2. Get back my spinning mojo
  3. photograph things!!!!
  4. cook more, save money
  5. read more for fun. find the time. Take long baths if needed.
just a few ideas I’ve gotten.
So what did I do over my break? Well here is a taste for the most interesting thing I did…¬†Until december the 28th I had never seen the ocean except from the air. I finally got to go to a beach, even if it was a cold one.
I’ve done a lot of ¬†knitting, but photographed little and finished less. This cabled cowl came from some yummy vacation yarn and was just improvised as I went. my eyes are closed because I’m facing the sun. The colors are spot on so I am using the picture anyway