Actually knitting!


have been working mostly on two projects.

One, a Deep v-necked tee of my own design just got past endless stst into an interesting section. The tee is in handspun BFL and will probably be worn as a vest as well.

Also, I cast on a Moebius cowl in the chroma worsted I showed you in the last post

Yarn Haul

I got a big ol’ haul in from Knitpicks yesterday. I figured I’d get enough sock yarn to keep me knitting for the semester, along with a few things I’ve been needing.

Stroll in Cartoon



Tree House


Imagination in Emerald Forest

Chroma Worsted in Roller Skate

And Chroma Fingering in Midwinter

I also got a 60″ cable for my options, a sweater stone and a chart keeper.

I neglect

Its a new year, and I started with no real ideas on what I wanted to do better at this year. However, I have found some ideas on the way.

  1. Procrastinate less, focus more. This goes for every aspect of my life.
  2. Get back my spinning mojo
  3. photograph things!!!!
  4. cook more, save money
  5. read more for fun. find the time. Take long baths if needed.
just a few ideas I’ve gotten.
So what did I do over my break? Well here is a taste for the most interesting thing I did… Until december the 28th I had never seen the ocean except from the air. I finally got to go to a beach, even if it was a cold one.
I’ve done a lot of  knitting, but photographed little and finished less. This cabled cowl came from some yummy vacation yarn and was just improvised as I went. my eyes are closed because I’m facing the sun. The colors are spot on so I am using the picture anyway

I forgot

This project has been on the back burner a little bit of late, but I figured I should post the better pictures I took anyway.

I have been working on a hat and my max sweater so this is exactly the same as it was in the picture. I like it, the cold weather is just calling for some woolies.

I do love how nice the stripes look

and the garter detail on the side seams as well

The garter stitch tapers down from the edging under the arm to create a nice side seam which I think has a very nice effect. I really should knit on this more. I forget how pretty the colors are so quickly.

What have I been doing?

Not Blogging obviously.

I told myself that I would start blogging more when I moved and I suppose that has happened to some degree, but no much.

Classes have been meeting and they are good, if more challenging than my undergraduate work, which is as I expected. I am very impressed with the few undergraduates I do have contact with here at William and Mary and I fully admit they will be more prepared for graduate school or work than me.

Other than classes I am really happy with the experiences with my fellow graduate students. I have friends here, already. We have happy hour on Thursdays and I think last nights game night will become a frequent event.

On the cooking front I’m not doing overly much, mostly fresh veggies and chicken from the freezer. I need to cook up a bunch of asparagus today. I did manage to produce an excellent batch of biscuits and some  cupcakes as well.

On the knitting front I’m still working on the tunic design, and enjoying the stripes as they really do improve the otherwise miles of stst. If this ends up fitting well I might do a version that features something other than horizontal stripes, but that is for a later date of course.

I’m not much further than this but I am learning more and more about how to neatly join the yarns, not jogless, but hopefully not messy either.

Well I suppose I’d better go read my book and stop procrastinating.

New School, New Projects

I had my first day of classes today. Only one class so far, but so far it has gone well. I expect to be doing a lot of reading very soon. I also met with my advisor, who seems nice and did some wandering in the colonial area.

I have started a new project, since my grandmother’s sweater is now blocking on mats in the floor (okay I started it way before I blocked it, but it counts.) What I am doing is designing a tank top/tunic top (depends on when I run outta road, I mean, yarn) it has a round yoke neck

then below the collar the stitches increase out and will join under the arms and then the top will be knitted in the round for the rest of the length. I hope this at least manages to be cute.

Once the top is done I would really like to publish the pattern, even if it might mean some serious sweater maths.