I forgot

This project has been on the back burner a little bit of late, but I figured I should post the better pictures I took anyway.

I have been working on a hat and my max sweater so this is exactly the same as it was in the picture. I like it, the cold weather is just calling for some woolies.

I do love how nice the stripes look

and the garter detail on the side seams as well

The garter stitch tapers down from the edging under the arm to create a nice side seam which I think has a very nice effect. I really should knit on this more. I forget how pretty the colors are so quickly.

Spring WIP round up

I’ve been busy, new jobbie, and just general life stuff. We also spent a few days without internet, which were for the most part my days off too ( I know, why can’t it go out on days I don’t have time to surf around on the internet.)

Right before the internet cut out on Friday I got outside, took some pictures and even got them uploaded. However the blog post I was planning did not happen.

I’ve mainly been knitting on the Traveling Woman Shawl, out of exceedingly rainbowy, if low quality yarn. It is all the way through the stockinette part and working on the first lace chart, which I’m planning on doing more repeats of than are called for in the pattern.

I’ve also been working on a February Lady Sweater for my grandmother,

max is getting a sleeve, although I haven’t worked on it in quite a while.

The boy needs more socks, so I’ve got one for him on the needles.

A cute little gnome hat for a toddler

I also pulled out laminaria just today, but I am not taking pictures of it as its a big red blob still. Not even a significantly bigger red blob.