New Stuff

While my boy was visiting we went to the yarn store…

I got myself this lovely lace, which of course got cast on into a shawl.

He got me this, which I knit into a cushion in less than 24 hours. Its small, but I keep it on my desk to lean on.

Copper Hills

I have started a big spinning project. I’ve got 8oz of Copper Hills BFL roving from Greenwood fiber works.  This is fantastic stuff. The color is amazing and it feels lovely. I will be ordering from this seller again. The fiber came wrapped like a present and it even had some milk fiber sample with it.

Totally worth the very reasonable price.

I am spinning it into a fine 2 ply, hopefully it will be either a fine fingering or a laceweight yarn when its done.

I am so happy with how this is turning out. I want the final yarn to make a shawl, something that will hopefully show off the natural striping in the yarn and the lovely colors.

On the non-crafting front I got something which I can carry to class a lot easier than my desktop so now this little cutie is mine. Not very powerful but light, portable and does what I need.

I have a new project (I know I do not need another project but I don’t care, I refuse to guilt  myself over knitting these days)

I spun this merino silk blend which I was given for my graduation back in January into a singly ply heavy laceweight/light fingering weight yarn.

The yarn is now being knit into the springtime design from The First Book of Modern Lace Knitting by Marianne Kinzel.

Spring WIP round up

I’ve been busy, new jobbie, and just general life stuff. We also spent a few days without internet, which were for the most part my days off too ( I know, why can’t it go out on days I don’t have time to surf around on the internet.)

Right before the internet cut out on Friday I got outside, took some pictures and even got them uploaded. However the blog post I was planning did not happen.

I’ve mainly been knitting on the Traveling Woman Shawl, out of exceedingly rainbowy, if low quality yarn. It is all the way through the stockinette part and working on the first lace chart, which I’m planning on doing more repeats of than are called for in the pattern.

I’ve also been working on a February Lady Sweater for my grandmother,

max is getting a sleeve, although I haven’t worked on it in quite a while.

The boy needs more socks, so I’ve got one for him on the needles.

A cute little gnome hat for a toddler

I also pulled out laminaria just today, but I am not taking pictures of it as its a big red blob still. Not even a significantly bigger red blob.

Blocking Magic

I know its a knitting cliche, but blocking really is magic. What is even more magic is a shawl that was addicting as possible and seeing that shawl open up into something as pretty as it was fun.

It started looking like this.

Then it grew to become this, which seemed a bit big when I spread it out to take a picture.

Then I pinned it out and was truly stunned by the size of the shawl.

It turned out to be approximately seven feet wide, and I only did nine repeats of the main pattern.

The pattern is the Zetor Scarf and I really really enjoyed the pattern in combination with the color changes in the Jojoland Harmony I knit it in.

I do plan on taking a better photoshoot at some point, but its freaking cold out.

I live and knit

I have been mainly lazy about blogging. There is no lack of material. I’ve finished a sweater, and felted some slippers, but I have also knit half of a lace shawl. I’ve moved back home from my housesitting gig, I’ve been to Colonial Williamsburg for a week and hopefully I will get better about blogging these events.

Zetor Shawl, my vacation knitting and current obsession.