Spring WIP round up

I’ve been busy, new jobbie, and just general life stuff. We also spent a few days without internet, which were for the most part my days off too ( I know, why can’t it go out on days I don’t have time to surf around on the internet.)

Right before the internet cut out on Friday I got outside, took some pictures and even got them uploaded. However the blog post I was planning did not happen.

I’ve mainly been knitting on the Traveling Woman Shawl, out of exceedingly rainbowy, if low quality yarn. It is all the way through the stockinette part and working on the first lace chart, which I’m planning on doing more repeats of than are called for in the pattern.

I’ve also been working on a February Lady Sweater for my grandmother,

max is getting a sleeve, although I haven’t worked on it in quite a while.

The boy needs more socks, so I’ve got one for him on the needles.

A cute little gnome hat for a toddler

I also pulled out laminaria just today, but I am not taking pictures of it as its a big red blob still. Not even a significantly bigger red blob.

giant shoes

Here are my French Press Slippers pre-felting. I have already sent them through a round in the washer on hot and they were nowhere near the size they should be, so I threw caution out the window and tossed them in the dryer, and I’ll probably throw them in the laundry with every load her on until i get them to felt down. I know this is not the kosher way to felt them, but I feel that felting is best done by mistreating the item as much as possible.

sock: take four

i’ve started to get in that scary mind set where i see this sock as challengeing me. I may have finally found the right lace for the front now. it’s on a graph, but I’m doing okay working with that. I do want to color code my graph before I try knitting in class.

oh my psych proffesor spoke to me about my knitting. SHE APPROVES!!!!!!!! she said it’s great stress relief and I explaind that it also helps my ADHD brain to concentrate.

My Women’s studies teacher isn’t as cool with it, but I explained why I knit in class and she’s okay with it. she’s kind of old-school, not too sure to do with me i think. Ahh well. i should go to work soon.

sock insanity

this sock is driving me nuts, all i want is not plain. i want somthing that looks good with this yarn. the yarn makes me think ofd sand and pebbles. i need to find a pattern. i have frogged this thing 3 times and i don’t want to do it again. i’ll post more later.

new book and one and 1/4 of a sock

well the title says so much, I got the new Yarn Harlot book today. I love amazon. this weekend I made one of a pair of socks for cpt. boots, my future husband, after all boots need socks. the next sock has the barest beginning of a heel flap forming, so I should have a complete pair by wednesday.

I learned a lesson about love yesterday. the love of a small blond little boy, who, as we sat in church, held my ball of yarn. I knit and at first he would reel out more string for me, and then he would reel the extra back in as he would unroll about half the ball. as i progressed up the sock, using up more buttery soft wool. the boy became more inventive and decided that he would make the yarn look like spagetti, and he would “tie” it aroud various toys. somehow i felt that this whole experience was cute, and i was planning on getting him some of his own yarn and needles. does it make me less obsessed with knitting when i think the little varmit talgleing my yan is cute. or am i seeing a new knitter getting his first taste of wool-love. after all he’s three years old, that plenty old enough to learn how to knit.

no pics they won’t upload


I knit a tiny sock last night, I was tempted not to unravel it but I needed the yarn for my “real” socls. It was the training sock off of knitty It is the lion brand magic stripes and I’ll use some basic sock pattern. I tried to start one but i got really confused whith the directions so I made the cute little training sock. now I know how that dang heel works. I went to Barens and Noble yesterday too. Spent too much money but I think it was worth it.

I got three terry pratchett books, two Lois McMaster Bujold books and some birthday presents for the fiance.

and best of all… Readers Digest Knitter’s Handbook by Montse Stanley. It has lot of stuff in it that need to learn in my search for knitting perfection. well I shall see you all in knitting land.