4th of July and TDF days 2-4

I’m mostly keeping up with TDF pretty well, on day 2 I filled a bobbin (I keep spelling that as boobin) and I started a new bobbin. However the light was bad so I did not keep up with photographs.

the 4th did not go to plan. I got up early in order to go to a job interview (on a holiday, and the call was on Sunday, strange) but before the interview they called and rescheduled because the pee test place was going to be closed. So I changed clothes and prepared for an idle day at home. Then I got a call to go sailing and I accepted that offer, requiring yet another outfit change and some running about to get ready as well. I took pictures this time around though.

We had very little wind and mostly just motored around, if I had brought my spindle I could have spun, maybe.

and we got to swim!

We also saw a large pod of porpises, but they were following another boat so we couldn’t swim with them.

After sailing we tried to grill but it rained, including raining out the fireworks over Colonial Williamsburg. So we cooked at my friend’s house and watched a movie. By the time I got home spinning wasn’t going to happen.

Today I managed to spin though, and the top layer on this bobbin is from today. I also managed to wash 4 loads of laundry at the laundrymat and walk to the drugstore and biglots today.

Umm yeah…

I am alive, and I knit, and lately I even spin.

I’ve been living as a pedestrian the last little bit, because my tire decided to do this…

Yeah, that was all tire, we didn’t hit anything. Anywhoo, it broke in Tennessee, getting fixed in Kentucky and I live in Virginia. Complicated.

I still don’t have a job, but I’m working on that.

I haven’t been working on most my knitting, because its hot, but I’m working on some boy socks for a 3rd anniversary present

They were longer, but then I realized I didn’t compensate for smaller needles and frogged back to add stitches in the foot circumference.

I’m also trying to finish this top/vest, with some alterations which I’m now reconsidering, basically its a mental battle between just ribbing in armholes (already done) or short sleeves. Laziness may prevail.

finally I am getting ready for the Tour De Fleece 2011 (July 2nd -24th)

I have some nice merino bamboo I want to spin up

And some very soft, but unpleasantly colored superwash merino (I think) which needs spun up and sold or overdyed.

So here we are

It is the last week of the semester, classes are over, and I am wishing for snow. This semester has been an interesting experiment in being lost, busy and generally overwhelmed. I can’t seem to keep up with taking pictures of knitting any more than I can keep up with anything else.

I haven’t spun much on the wheel, but I just got a big box of fiber that I am spinning up for a friend. Sitting down to spin on Wednesday (or whatever day that was) felt so nice though, I missed it without knowing I missed it. I took pictures of all the fiber though and maybe posting them will help me want to blog more. Sadly they are not-too-great phone pics, my camera was MIA.

Copper Hills

I have started a big spinning project. I’ve got 8oz of Copper Hills BFL roving from Greenwood fiber works.  This is fantastic stuff. The color is amazing and it feels lovely. I will be ordering from this seller again. The fiber came wrapped like a present and it even had some milk fiber sample with it.

Totally worth the very reasonable price.

I am spinning it into a fine 2 ply, hopefully it will be either a fine fingering or a laceweight yarn when its done.

I am so happy with how this is turning out. I want the final yarn to make a shawl, something that will hopefully show off the natural striping in the yarn and the lovely colors.

On the non-crafting front I got something which I can carry to class a lot easier than my desktop so now this little cutie is mine. Not very powerful but light, portable and does what I need.

Trip to the Woolery

I took to my boy’s weekend for rest. Which went rather well. It included a trip to the Woolery, a wonderful thing to have 5 minutes drive from his house.

As per usual the spindles tempted, and once you pick out a spindle you need some fiber to try it out as soon as one gets back to the house.

The spindle is a kokovoko spindle, and I have no idea what the wood is. Its the lightweight model though.

The fiber is Shoppelwolle Fingerwolle 50gm ball. in color 998 1505 (the shoppelwolle site calls it motley) I spun through some fuchsia, yellowy orange, fuchsia again and moving from purple to blue.