The new place

I’m in the process of moving into a new apartment, and I have pictures of the place as it looks empty.

the living room and the stairs

Couple views of the kitchen

out the back door

My room

My roommate’s room

The bathroom

I neglect

Its a new year, and I started with no real ideas on what I wanted to do better at this year. However, I have found some ideas on the way.

  1. Procrastinate less, focus more. This goes for every aspect of my life.
  2. Get back my spinning mojo
  3. photograph things!!!!
  4. cook more, save money
  5. read more for fun. find the time. Take long baths if needed.
just a few ideas I’ve gotten.
So what did I do over my break? Well here is a taste for the most interesting thing I did… Until december the 28th I had never seen the ocean except from the air. I finally got to go to a beach, even if it was a cold one.
I’ve done a lot of  knitting, but photographed little and finished less. This cabled cowl came from some yummy vacation yarn and was just improvised as I went. my eyes are closed because I’m facing the sun. The colors are spot on so I am using the picture anyway

It feels strange:

to be on such a pretty campus. There are all these lovely brick buildings which form an impassible maze, and even with construction its pretty, and then there are ponds which have more in them than alge and duck poop.

things like ginormous koi.

There are also lovely paths that go through the woods but are still nicely lit after dark with big blue buttons in case of emergency.

What have I been doing?

Not Blogging obviously.

I told myself that I would start blogging more when I moved and I suppose that has happened to some degree, but no much.

Classes have been meeting and they are good, if more challenging than my undergraduate work, which is as I expected. I am very impressed with the few undergraduates I do have contact with here at William and Mary and I fully admit they will be more prepared for graduate school or work than me.

Other than classes I am really happy with the experiences with my fellow graduate students. I have friends here, already. We have happy hour on Thursdays and I think last nights game night will become a frequent event.

On the cooking front I’m not doing overly much, mostly fresh veggies and chicken from the freezer. I need to cook up a bunch of asparagus today. I did manage to produce an excellent batch of biscuits and some  cupcakes as well.

On the knitting front I’m still working on the tunic design, and enjoying the stripes as they really do improve the otherwise miles of stst. If this ends up fitting well I might do a version that features something other than horizontal stripes, but that is for a later date of course.

I’m not much further than this but I am learning more and more about how to neatly join the yarns, not jogless, but hopefully not messy either.

Well I suppose I’d better go read my book and stop procrastinating.

New School, New Projects

I had my first day of classes today. Only one class so far, but so far it has gone well. I expect to be doing a lot of reading very soon. I also met with my advisor, who seems nice and did some wandering in the colonial area.

I have started a new project, since my grandmother’s sweater is now blocking on mats in the floor (okay I started it way before I blocked it, but it counts.) What I am doing is designing a tank top/tunic top (depends on when I run outta road, I mean, yarn) it has a round yoke neck

then below the collar the stitches increase out and will join under the arms and then the top will be knitted in the round for the rest of the length. I hope this at least manages to be cute.

Once the top is done I would really like to publish the pattern, even if it might mean some serious sweater maths.

Bad Blogger, no cookie…

oh wait, I do have cookies. I guess I better blog then.

Life went from uneventful to busy pretty quickly around here. In fact “here” changed. On Tuesday my mom, my boyfriend and I set out in my car and her van to move all my stuff from Grayson Kentucky to Williamsburg VA.

We made it here around 8 only to discover no one to meet us at my new place, therefore no place to get in. I called the landlady, who was at work and we went to eat a late dinner and wait for her to return home.

On Wednesday morning we began to unload mom’s van but decided to finish later, hoping the air would be less suffocating. The heat and humidity this week have been some of the hardest things to deal with this week. Instead of going up and down stairs we went and found the DMV and a bank and Walmart. Important things. Even if I do get confused way too easily when mom is driving.

Thursday morning we were back at the DMV, this time with everything we needed. After that and a visit to campus so the boy would get to see it. Then mom and and the boy headed off for the long drive home. Since they left I have managed to get my old plates off my car and new ones on (harder than it sounds) get myself to school and back for a meeting, got my student ID (had to fight crowds of freshmen to do it.) I have met my fellow first years and I think I have at least the beginnings of friendships with two of them. One is a newish knitter and the other had long yarn dreads.

Once I have my room a little neater I will take pictures and show it off here on the blog.


These days my family and I are always on the run. It seems like if we aren’t gone for a weekend that’s because just got home just in time for the weekend to begin. After a while I begin to be irritable and to struggle with the lack of structure and routine.

The biggest adventure of late was 7 days in Williamsburg, VA enjoying learning about the many things offered in Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg itself. I did take a lot of pictures there, but since we came home I have been so busy I have forgotten to blog. here is a link to all the  pictures I have uploaded.

Here we all are dressed up to eat dinner at Shield’s Tavern.

While in Williamsburg a new crafting and historic curiosity arose, I really am not entirely sure where. Something somewhere reminded me of records of bobbin lace being made and somehow it caught my fancy. I asked around and no one in the millinery shop had any idea how it was done, but they were able to show me some examples that they had in their miniature display.

on arriving home I almost immediatly began hunting for webpages, books, kits and materials. Today my first kit and beginner book are waiting for me at the post office and I am going to get dressed and go get it as soon as this blog post is published.