Actually knitting!


have been working mostly on two projects.

One, a Deep v-necked tee of my own design just got past endless stst into an interesting section. The tee is in handspun BFL and will probably be worn as a vest as well.

Also, I cast on a Moebius cowl in the chroma worsted I showed you in the last post

Yarn Haul

I got a big ol’ haul in from Knitpicks yesterday. I figured I’d get enough sock yarn to keep me knitting for the semester, along with a few things I’ve been needing.

Stroll in Cartoon



Tree House


Imagination in Emerald Forest

Chroma Worsted in Roller Skate

And Chroma Fingering in Midwinter

I also got a 60″ cable for my options, a sweater stone and a chart keeper.